Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dairy Farmer Taxi

                           When the phone rings at any time of the day  and the dairy farmer  voice
                                       on the other end says, "What are you doing right now?", 
                                        I'm pretty sure my plans   have just been  altered!
                                  This week those calls have been mostly for moving equipment
                                             and farmers to the field for planting our fall crops.
                               Dairy farmer taxi jobs have  also included  delivery of tools or supplies
                                                   that were forgotten or lost along the way.

My job as the dairy farmer taxi driver has a lot of benefits...
I get to see a lot of beautiful sunsets, have  great conversations on the way home from the field,
 and enjoy the farmer's sense of accomplishment after a long, hard day at work!
The dairy farmer has a great deal too ----the taxi  fee hasn't changed in 30 years!

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