Monday, December 28, 2009

Farmer's Holiday

A farmer's holiday would be a day without any problems!! We do not typically get a holiday off because there are always chores to be done and animals to be cared for. We do get to enjoy being together as we work and that is not all bad. We can enjoy the beauty that God provides in our natural surrounding. On Christmas day as we were enjoying our lunch together with family, I thought about all the people like us that are working on the holidays for service to others. Our milk hauler picked up our milk to take for processing at the plant in Fayetteville. Milk reaches your supermarket shelf only 2 days after leaving the farm. Thanks to the milk hauler! Policemen,firemen,doctors, nurses,and our military men and women come to mind in other professions that work to serve others. Although we face many issues in agriculture and our society--we have much to be thankful for and need to celebrate the great country we live in and the blessings we enjoy. Make a resolution for 2010 to be thankful and think of ways to serve others.

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