Thursday, December 10, 2009

What in the world did the pioneer women wear to keep warm? That was my thought as I bundled up to face 20 degrees and 30 mile and hour wind yesterday morning. One of my jobs on the farm is to take care of the baby calves every day. Right now we have 80 calves that are fed milk and grain twice daily. Each calf has a nice warm calf hutch to live in for the first few weeks. Care of the calves involves monitoring for any changes in physical condition and symptoms of illness. My mother told me when I chose to stay home with my children that no education is ever wasted. After 25years, I will admit that she's right. I have used my nursing degree every day to take care of children or calves! We need to thank those people that invented thermal underwear and insulated boots and coveralls!! Farmers are committed to taking good care of their animals.

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