Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dairy Consumer Choices

While waiting to visit with my congressional representatives in Washington,D.C., I was enjoying a half pint of skim milk. This bottle of milk was labeled BST hormone free and that this was verified by dairy farmers. Bovine somatotropin (referred to as BST) is produced naturally in every dairy cow and is present in all milk--including organic. This is a protein hormone and is digested as any other protein. Scientists developed rBST for farmers to use as a management tool to help cows produce more milk. Utilizing this technology increases milk production,helps reduce the environmental resources needed to produce milk and it is proven safe. We must utilize every bit of science and technology that we have to continue to feed our nation and the world population. Dairy farmers pay attention to what consumers want and provide choices for them. Dairy farmers are listening to consumers and providing safe,affordable and nutritious milk and milk products.

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