Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dairy Icon

This past week I attended the Dairy Farmers of America annual meeting in Kansas City. One of the attractions in the trade show was Elsie the Borden Cow. A real live cow waiting to have her picture taken with any admirer! Did you know that Elsie is in the top ten list of icons for the twentieth century? Elsie was a real cow owned by family farmers in Connecticut. The Borden family purchased Elsie and began promoting her as their mascot. Elsie was created in the 1930's to symbolize the
"Perfect Dairy Product". She is still being used to promote the Dairy Farmers of America's Borden cheese. Taste, trust, and tradition are what consumers relate to when they see Elsie on the Borden package. Dairy farmers have a lot in common with Elsie---we are producing a great tasting product, we are trusted to provide a safe and nutritious product and we are working to maintain the family farm tradition. Check out recipes and meet some of our dairy families at Friends of

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