Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dairy Springin'

If you want to get a dairy farmer excited, just start talking about the heifers that are springin'! Before I became a farmer, I would have connected this with enjoying the spring beauty that surrounds us in Northwest Arkansas. Springin'(springing) actually is a description dairy farmers use referring to the beginning development of the heifer's udder and other changes that they can visually see and usually indicate that calving is not too far away. To produce milk, a heifer must have a calf. Having a calf for the first time is a new experience for the heifer and very exciting for the dairy farmer. As a dairy farmer, it is gratifying to see an animal that we have raised from a baby calf come to this point in their growth and development. Springin' heifers give us a spring in our step as we work to produce a great product!

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