Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earth Day--Everyday

As I was feeding baby calves and enjoying a dose of April sunshine, I was also thinking about an upcoming event I will be participating in next week for the celebration of Earth Day. The very first Earth Day celebration began in april 1970 to bring awareness to environmental issues. Farmers and ranchers are known to be the first environmentalists. Like most farm families I know, we live and work on our farms. We work to maintain and improve the soil and our natural resources to pass on to the next generation. Our cows are the perfect recyclers! Just as our urban neighbors are recycling grass,newspaper, and aluminum, we apply our cow manure to fields to replace the nutrients in the soil. Sharing information with our community about dairy farming and agriculture seems a natural fit for Earth Day celebrating, and it's a great way for us to connect with and give back to the people in our area. Dairy farm families essentially celebrate Earth Day every day by taking the best possible care of our land and animals, and it's important for us to encourage others to do their part as well.

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