Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pie and Ice Cream

As I have been working in the kitchen this morning preparing food for our Vaughn Community Bean Supper and Pie Auction, I have been thinking about the history of our community and what an impact community makes on our lives. If you are traveling to the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport or commuting to a job in town, you will pass two historical structures that have made a tremendous impact in our community's past and present. Nestled in a sweeping curve is the Vaughn Presbyterian Church with the old Vaughn School building located next door. With the consolidation of the school into the Bentonville district many years ago, the Vaughn School building was sold to a private individual. The building has deteriorated past repair or remodeling. In days past the church and the school have been the lifeblood of this community. In its heyday,Vaughn had two grocery stores,two gas stations,a canning factory, and a machine shop. With the loss of the school, the community changed to just a passing through place. Many of the past students and graduates of Vaughn still come together the first Saturday in August each year for a school reunion. Members of the church are hosting the bean supper and pie auction tonight to bring together the remnants of our community to raise money for a historical marker for the school and the church that will be placed on the church property. It is our desire to preserve history for future generations. Our lives are made rich by our community history and as a multi generation dairy farm family, we must strive to not only preserve history but build our community for the future generations. We will also hopefully get to enjoy a lot of good pie and ice cream!

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