Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dairy Dad Attire

Roper boots,Wrangler blue jeans,cotton snap shirt,belt,pliers,pocket knife and ball cap hat are the standard working uniform for our Dairy Farmer Dad. A straw hat will replace the ball cap for certain field jobs when the heat intensifies and more protection is needed. Most of the ball cap hats are received as appreciation gifts from other businesses that we trade with and are worn proudly as free advertisement in support of product or service. Looking at the collection of hats hanging in our house made me think about the many hats a farmer wears daily in decision making. If he changed hats for every different type of job or decision that he makes,the farmer would spend all day just changing hats! On any given day a dairy farmer must use knowledge from a variety of careers--veterinarian,engineer,mechanic,business manager,nutritionist,scientist,and weather forecaster. As we celebrate Father's Day, we can also thank our Dairy Farmer Dads for providing a great heritage for their families while sharing their passion and pride in producing great dairy products. Tomorrow our Dairy Dad will be wearing his hat that says #1 Dad or Head Honcho and eating requested lemon chiffon pie! Happy Father's Day and June Dairy Month!!

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