Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rural Community Greater Than A Tornado

Rural communities represent the strength of America. The tornado that struck the small community of Cincinnati,Arkansas on New Year's Eve took the lives of four people. One of these victims was a dairy farmer who was doing what he had done every morning for the last fifty years--milking his cows. Although we did not know this farmer personally, this tragedy saddened us deeply. This weekend Ryan and I drove twenty miles into the next county for a fundraiser to support the Cincinnati community. The evening included a barbecue dinner,country music from a local band, and an auction of donated items at the Lincoln community building in the middle of the town square. As we entered the community building, it was obvious that the community came out to support their friends and neighbors who had been affected by this tornado destruction. Every table was filled with folks eating their dinner and the food line wrapped all around three sides of the large room. The folks that planned the fundraiser had hoped for one hundred people--three hundred people came to support the Cincinnati community. Before the auctioneer started the bidding he stated that we had come together to support our friends and neighbors because that's what Americans do for each other when we are hurting and need help. The evening was a great success for this community because of rural friends and neighbors. I felt blessed to have experienced just what the auctioneer stated. Rural communities reaching out to help friends and neighbors is what provides strength to our American way!

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  1. That was so nice of you!! So much loss and pain going on right now. The same happened last Christmas; but in a matter of a week my sister-in-law lost her mom to pancreatic cancer, my husband's best friend's mother-in-law had a massive heart attack and died at age 47 and our neighbor's mom died from ALS at age 61. Two days ago an old friend was killed in an ATV accident. Last Christmas (09) my step-dad was killed in a construction accident, my mom's next door neighbor passed away and a good friend was killed in a car accident.

    It just makes you want to hold onto to your family and keep them near. Everyone down there is in my thoughts and prayers and I'm glad you did not sustain any damage and are safe.

    Here is a testament to what the auctioneer said...go to and see how our blogging family has reach out to this family.

    Guess I should have sent you an email, huh? Think of you often!
    Take Care!