Thursday, January 20, 2011

Factory Farm Fallacy

Are the factory farmers out in the blowing snow, seventeen degree temps and wind chill below ten degrees? That was the question that crossed my mind as I was feeding dairy calves in those conditions this morning. Factory farms must have factory farmers but I have never met any factory farmers. Have you? In case you have never heard the term factory farm, it is used by people that want to describe modern agriculture as being the worst thing that has happened to our society. The words factory farm are used to bring a very nasty and negative picture of agriculture. As the wife of a third generation dairy farmer, the mother of the fourth generation to live and work on our farm, and a city girl that has devoted twenty six years to agriculture and producing food for friends and neighbors,I am insulted by the use of the term factory farm. Everyday the average family farmer is feeding 145 non-farmers. Ninety eight percent of American farms are family owned. We Americans enjoy the safest and most affordable food and that is no accident. Our food doesn't come from factory farms, it comes from family farms like ours that work everyday to produce a healthy,safe and nutritious product while caring for our animals and protecting the environment for future generations. If I could remove the word factory farm from the vocabulary and irresponsible websites, I would do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I can't but I will happily continue to share and have conversations with any one who wishes to know how we produce safe,affordable food on the family farm.

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