Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Farm Tradition

I keep thinking of the phrase "it's a family tradition" in the Hank Williams song as we begin a new part to our family farming operation. Ryan's parents and grandparents produced and sold beef and pork to local consumers from 1921 when the farm was established until the early 1960's. We made the decision to market Anglin Beef as a way to diversify our family farming operation and continue the tradition. I invite you to check out our website at Our day to day activites on the farm are the same because we have been dairy and beef farming at the same time since before we were married. Ryan and I are still learning about how to add this new marketing and selling activity to our daily to do list! Ninety eight percent of all farms are family farms just like ours. Family farm traditions bring strength to our nation and provide food security that many countries envy. It's a family tradition and a great honor to be an American farmer!

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