Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Check-Out Week 2011

Food Check-Out Week, February 20-26, brings attention to the fact that the American farmer is providing the safest,most abundant and affordable food supply in the world! Across America this week, Farm Bureau volunteers will be celebrating Food Check-Out Week in their communities by making donations to local food banks,setting up displays and sharing the message with shoppers at supermarkets and other locations. I appreciate the variety of dedicated farmers we have in America to produce our food.

As I am thinking about how to make my family food dollar go further and still choose nutritious food during these tough economic times, Food Check-Out Week is also a good time to revisit strategies to provide better nutrition with less money such as:

  • knowing your food budget

  • planning balanced meals,

  • making a list and sticking to it

  • read food labels

  • take time to compare prices for different brands and sizes

  • shopping at competitively priced grocery stores with high quality produce

If you are needing more information about nutrition and food choices, I suggest visiting You can also find helpful information about dairy nutrition,shopping tips and the added value of dairy to your diet at and

It's a great week to Thank a Farmer!

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