Sunday, February 27, 2011

Milk--Made in America

It caught my attention when the ABC news reporter announced an upcoming report on what products are made in America. With our country in such an economic turmoil, it will be interesting to see what is reported. I think a lot about the economic condition of our country and how it affects all Americans, my family and our dairy farm. No matter what is reported this week, you can feel confident in the food that is produced in our country. American farmers are still providing the safest,most available and affordable food for our nation and the world.

Here are Made in America Dairy Facts:

  • Dairy farmers are present in all fifty states

  • The top five producing states are: California,Wisconsin,New York,Pennsylvania,Idaho

  • The number of milk cow operations has declined

  • Milk production and cow numbers have risen on larger operations

  • Ninety nine percent of dairy farms are family owned

  • Dairy farmers are committed to animal care,land care and producing high quality milk

Proudly reporting from the dairy farm: Made in America--Milk!

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