Monday, March 28, 2011

Dairy Save-a-Trip Plan

Rising prices for gas and diesel fuel are creating challenges for all farmers and consumers. Increased food costs at the grocery store are due to increases in the cost of packaging and transportation caused by high fuel prices. Unlike other business owners, farmers do not pass on this increased fuel farm cost to consumers. As I looked out my kitchen window today, I observed the activities that occur everyday on our dairy farm such as mixing feed and feeding the dairy cows, hauling feed to young heifers,and driving to pastures to feed and check cattle. Every task requires the use of a tractor or a truck. We are constantly scratching our heads and trying to figure ways to be more efficient in our daily activities. We call this head scratching plan the Save-a-Trip Plan. Maintaining equipment and making every trip count are at the top of our being more efficient list. Every trip to town usually has several stops to make the most efficient use of time and fuel. Dairy farm families like all families are trying to save money during these tough economic times. Here are a few general tips for any Save-a-Trip plan:

  • Drive more efficiently

  • Keep your vehicle in shape

  • Plan and combine trips

  • At the pump, use the octane level you need

You can find more details for saving fuel at the federal trade commission site or Common sense and Save-a-Trip make good economic sense on the farm or in the city!

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