Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cow Milking Experience

Last week I was talking with second grade students about dairy cows and how dairy farmers work to produce milk. My assistant in the picture is ,Frieda, the Arkansas Farm Bureau milking cow. Just as I was talking to them about how we have a nutritionist to help us formulate our cow's diet, the school food service director and her staff came to observe our lesson in milking the cow. It was a great opportunity to talk about why healthy food choices are important to kids and cows! How do you milk a cow?

I explained that on our dairy farm:

  • First the cow's udder and teats are washed, then a milking machine is attached

  • Milking machines apply vacuum which gently removes milk from the cow's udder

  • It takes about five minutes to milk one cow. With milking machines, farmers can milk about 100 cows per hour

  • Cows are milked two times a day

Everybody gets a milking experience!

You can find more information about dairy farming at or dairy nutritional information at

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