Monday, May 9, 2011

Trust a Trust?

With instant knowledge of all subjects at our fingertips on the computer or cell phone, I feel overwhelmed at times with information overload. With so much information available, who can you trust to tell the truth about how food is produced in the United States? There are so called experts that call us family farmers by names like "Big Ag", "Industrial Farmers" or "Factory Farmers". Maybe these experts don't realize that 98% of all American farms are family farms or maybe it's easier to attack us because we are less than two percent of the population that produces food for the rest of the American population and the world.

The word "trust" in my old dictionary is defined as "assured reliance on another's integrity,veracity, justice, etc." When looking at information presented by any group of people that uses the word trust,ethical or humane in their title, I would ask you to look further into their mission statement and reason for being. This is especially important when making decisions that require a trip to the voting booth for legislative activity that will affect all Americans.

Farmers and ranchers love to share information and have conversations about how we work every day to provide food for all of our families. Here are some web sites you can trust to find out how family farmers and ranchers work ethically and humanely to provide safe affordable food:

--Dairy sites:

--Dairymoms like me in the Midwest:

--Farm and Ranch blogs across America:

Trust a farmer?

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