Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bessie's Pasture

Have you noticed that cute dairy cow hanging on the June Dairy Month logo? That's our Midwest Dairy friend, Bessie, the Dairy Makes Sense icon. I love this cow because her expression reminds me of a few of our Holstein cows that are often waiting by the gate, hoping for someone to leave it open so they can get into the next pasture. Although June Dairy Month is quickly coming to an end, you can always find Bessie in her pasture at http://www.dairymakessense.com/. Bessie may have different expressions or seasonal outfits through the year, but she will always make sure to have great dairy nutrition information, a place to learn more about dairy farming,recipe ideas for meals and snacks and a place to get answers to your dairy nutrition questions.

Promotion of dairy products with icons like Bessie don't happen by accident. Since 1985, dairy farmers have been funding the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board. Dairy farmers contribute fifteen cents per one hundred pounds of milk produced on each farm to fund this program. Our money is used collectively for promoting dairy on the national,state and regional levels and for the research and development of new dairy products to meet consumer demands. Information that we provide is factual and based on sound science and research. Bessie and the Dairy Makes Sense website are a great example of how dairy farmers in the Midwest Dairy regional promotion area are providing useful information to all consumers in a fun and engaging way.

Thanks for celebrating June Dairy Month with me and Bessie at Spotted Cow Review and don't forget to check out Bessie's pasture through the year!

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