Saturday, July 23, 2011

Challenges and Opportunities of Drought

Many of the old timers in our area believe that one weather extreme follows another. This year is proving them right. After receiving thirty inches of rain in May which delayed our crop planting and hay harvesting, we are now in a drought. Our corn is still growing but if it doesn't receive rain at the right time, it will not make enough feed for what our dairy cows will need in their diet plan. Looking ahead at the possibility of needing more corn, we found another farmer in the area who is willing to sell his corn crop now that he had intended to be picked later in the season. Due to the drought his corn crop will not make enough corn for picking. Farmers work every day to make the best of what ever challenge is presented.

Our corn chopper and trucks pulled into the field late this afternoon to get started on the chopping. It was 100 degrees in the shade. The corn is chopped into small pieces and blown into the truck. The truck will haul it to our silo at the dairy where it will be stored and go through a fermentation process that changes it to silage.

No farmer is happy with this dry weather, but farmers try to make the best of every situation. In my opinion, that must be a special trait that God has given them!

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