Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Time Activity Snack Pack

Just a few days ago, I was sitting close to this statue of King Neptune on Virginia Beach just enjoying the Atlantic sea breeze and watching families as they were playing in the sand,swimming or riding bicycles and skating on the boardwalk. I found it fascinating to observe the items that families were carrying to the beach for their day in the sun. Most of them had small ice chests, beach towels, and lounge chairs. Many of the children had beach balls,Frisbees and volleyballs. Everywhere you looked, people were enjoying activities with their families. It wouldn't be too long before the ice chest was opened for a snack and drink. All this activity made me thirsty and hungry just watching.

Whatever outdoor activity you choose to enjoy this summer, it is imporant to make sure that you stay hydrated and have plenty of healthy snacks. Milk is 90 percent water and is a great choice for replacing fluids and preventing dehydration after exercise. Here are some other dairy good suggestions for on-the-go nutritious snacks that will restore nutrients and refuel tired muscles:

-Snack cheese cubes,sticks and slices

-String cheese

-Flavored yogurts

-Portable yogurt in a tube

-Yogurt smoothies

-Drinkable yogurt

-Fat free flavored milk

I'm back to my outdoor activities on the dairy farm--think I'll have a big tall cold glass of milk when I get through with farm chores! Have a dairy good day!

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