Monday, October 31, 2011

Attributes of an Ayrshire

Last week, Roxanne,Cody's Ayrshire cow, gave birth to a beautiful red and white heifer calf. Roxanne is special to all of us because she is the daughter of an Ayrshire heifer that Cody purchased the last year he was in 4-H as part of his dairy herd project. Roxanne was born and raised on our farm and is now the fourth Ayrshire to be milking  in our mostly black and white Holstein herd.

Here are some facts about the Ayrshire dairy breed:
  • originated in Scotland
  • brought to the United States in 1822
  • reddish to brown mahogany color with white
  • average cow weighs 1000-1300 lbs.
  • easy calving and longevity
  • strong
  • adapt to all management systems
  • have vigorous calves
  • produce moderate butterfat and relatively high protein milk
  • efficient grazer
  • adapt to less than ideal conditions

Roxanne was enjoying resting in the pasture this afternoon when I went to take her picture.  I would add photogenic to her list of attributes!