Thursday, October 13, 2011

Myth Busting Dairy Farm Tour

Dairy farm tours provide a perfect opportunity to share how we work everyday to produce a safe product, open conversations about food production, and bust any myths or misperceptions about dairy or dairy farming. I was not surprised during yesterday's farm tour when the University of Arkansas nutrition student told me that she purchased a particular brand of milk because it stated on the label that it had no antibiotics.  It's a common myth that many consumers believe that milk contains antibiotics unless you purchase a product that is labeled antibiotic free.

I love to see and listen to the reaction of students when you bust the antibiotic dairy myth by sharing these facts:
  • It is absolutely illegal for any milk to be sold with antibiotics.
  • The milk from a cow being treated for an illness with antibiotics is separated from other cows' milk and disposed of.
  • Milk is strictly tested for antibiotics on the farm and at the processing plant.
  • Milk and dairy products are among the most highly regulated foods in this country.
Dairy farmers are committed to providing a safe,steady supply of dairy products.  You can find more dairy myth busting information at or

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