Saturday, January 28, 2012

Healthy Resolution Review

I'm almost sad to see January end since we've had such nice weather!  Today was a beautiful  light jacket day on the dairy farm.  On my short,brisk walk to the dairy barn after we fed baby calves this afternoon, I was enjoying the late afternoon sunshine as much as this group of calves that were watching me as I passed by.  While walking home, I was thinking about two of the resolutions I made for the New Year to improve my diet and exercise more.

One of my healthy choices for improving my diet is to drink low fat milk, also known as 1% milk.  When comparing low fat and whole milk, low fat milk has:
  • same calcium
  • same protein
  • same minerals and vitamins
  • less fat
  • fewer calories
If you're considering changing to low fat milk, here are steps suggested by the National Dairy Council:
  1. Switch between whole and 2%
  2. Stick with 2% if you like it, or switch between 2% and 1%.
  3. Stick with 1% if you like it, or switch between 1% and fat free.
You can find ways to use milk and low fat milk and great recipes at or  By the end of January many people have given up on their resolutions.  I'm not a complete failure but I have plenty of work to do for the next eleven months!  How about you?

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