Monday, February 20, 2012

Dairy Delivers Bang for Your Buck

Even in these tough economic times, Americans are still enjoying the safest, most affordable and healthy food supply in the world due to the dedication and hard work of farmers and ranchers across our great nation. Food Check-Out Week, February 19-25, is being celebrated and observed this week in recognition of this very fact in communities across the nation.  Dairy farm families are working everyday to produce safe,high quality milk that provides nutritional and economical value for you and your family. In these tough economic times, dairy delivers a bang for your buck!

Dairy foods deliver a powerhouse of nutrients that include calcium,vitamin D,riboflavin, phosphorus,
protein,potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and niacin. At just about twenty five cents a glass, milk is a nutritional bargain. You can stretch your dairy dollar and get a nutritional bang for your buck  by:
  • buying milk by the gallon and make it your family's mealtime beverage
  • use milk instead of water when preparing eggs,oatmeal,soups, side dishes,and baked goods
  • buy cheese in block form and shred it yourself to use in recipes
  • cut block cheese into individual portions for a fun snack
  • buy low-fat, plain yogurt by the quart and flavor it with fresh fruit,granola or nuts
  • use yogurt as an ingredient for healthier dips and sauces
                You can find more information about dairy's nutritional value and great  dairy recipes at

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