Monday, February 13, 2012

Love's Circle

While baking Valentine cookies for my family, I realized that some of the most extraordinary moments of love that I share with my family  are found in the most ordinary times on ordinary days as we work together on our family dairy farm.  On this special day of love and friendship, I wish to share with you a passage from the book Thoughts of Gold written by Leroy Brownlow:

Circle of Love

     The more we love the closer we approach the likeness of God.
     Build a circle of love. For love changes things. It converts a shack into a palace and turns a hamburger into a feast. It smooths the rocky road, and pulls down the hills. It gives courage because it stands with us. It makes pain less painful, sorrow less sorrowful, and joy more joyful. It takes some of the disappointment out of failure, and puts more delight in success. It does because of its ability to share, and much of what life is all about is sharing.
     A ray of love is what we all need--to give it and to receive it. So let love shine and shine and  shine, in me and on you, in you and on me.

                                                                  Happy Valentine's Day!

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