Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Day on the Dairy

Before I looked out the window early yesterday morning, I knew we had snow just by listening to the excitement in the TV weatherman's voice as he updated us on the winter weather conditions. It was announced that school was closed but not a word about Anglin Dairy closing for snow!

Snow days on the dairy are considered a little more challenging because it takes us longer to move from one chore to the next and to deal with any unexpected problems that may arise from extreme cold such as equipment breakdowns or frozen outside water tanks that must be thawed.

All days on the dairy farm, snow or no snow, are spent providing consistent care for our dairy cows, heifers and calves by making sure they have plenty of nutritious feed and water and making sure they are as comfortable as possible.  From my snow experience last year, I can verify that a two inch snow day on the dairy is a lot easier to manage than a twenty-four inch snow like we experienced last year in February!

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