Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Assignment: Dairy Tour

Today's lab assignment for University of Arkansas Food and Hospitality students was to tour a real dairy farm. It doesn't get any more real than to watch cows being milked,smelling the silage in the feed barn, or getting a juicy lick from a baby calf. I love the questions these young consumers ask about the farm and the conversations that are started about how we work every day to produce a safe nutritious product by caring for our animals and our land.

Petting the  baby calves always seem to be the highlight of the tour and I must admit, I love listening to the laughter of the students as they pet the calves and take pictures. It's a great place to explain how these heifer calves are the future for our family farm. 

Although I don't get to give the grade for this lab assignment,
I do  appreciate the opportunity to share our family  dairy story!

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