Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dairy Farmer Flexibility

Spring harvest for our farm began  Friday when the first field of wheat was mowed by my youngest son Casey.

 After last year's extreme heat and drought that caused poor yield of our hay and corn crops, we are anticipating a great spring crop.   Wheat silage will make a nutritious addition to our dairy cow's diet and is part of our plan in producing high quality milk. Every bit of this spring wheat crop is crucial to the sustainability of our family farm.

When the silage chopper and truck pulled into the field Saturday afternoon, it appeared that everything was working as planned.  After taking a few pictures, I returned home to do my own chores.  When I heard the chopper returning to the shop, I had a sinking feeling that all was not right. Sure enough, major mechanical problems  required shop work the rest of the afternoon.

With the possibility of rain in the forecast, the chopper still broke down  and the importance of harvesting every bit of this wheat, farmer flexibility kicked in.  Instead of chopping the wheat, it would be baled and wrapped. Thank goodness for multi-tasking,flexible farmers!

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