Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dairymom's Power Skills

Just put me in charge of a power button and see what happens! Even though I was the last person left to ask for help late Friday afternoon, I actually felt pretty important when asked to help finish getting the last thirty wheat bales silage wrapped.  Son Casey gave me two tasks which required me to stand at the power control box.My instructions were simple--push the power button to stop the machine if necessary and push the lever to change the direction of the front tires when instructed by farmer sign language. After I passed the practice test of my skills in pushing the power button and the one lever, our job began. It was amazing to have all that power at my fingertips!

I love watching this machine wrap bales. Each bale is placed on the machine and pushed into the adjoining bale as the wrapper brings silage plastic around each bale. The wrapping machine gives us a choice in how we can harvest and store a crop and our dairy cows love the silage feed that comes from these bales.

We finished the wrapping job with no mechanical problems and I handled all that power without one mistake! Technology and dairymom's power skills ---it's all in a day's work to provide nutritious feed for our dairy cattle that will produce a great dairy product for my family and yours!

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