Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Snack Tips

Our quick trip to Texas to celebrate our uncle's birthday was three days of family togetherness centered around a lot of non-stop snacking, meal eating and being entertained by the boundless high powered energy of young children. The children seemed to be powered by the snacks they grabbed when passing through the kitchen, but by meal time, the kids were not hungry. This was the perfect reminder that snacks should fit into the day's nutrition plan to make sure that  nutritional needs are being met without competing with meal time nutrition.

With summer time full of activity and  erratic family schedules, winning snacks should provide carbohydrate,protein,fiber and some healthy fat. Low-fat dairy products are powerhouses of calcium and protein and make great choices for snacking for adults and children. Here are just a few healthy and economical snack suggestions found on the Web MD site (

  • Whip up a smoothie using any fresh or frozen fruit,plain low-fat yogurt,100%fruit juice, and ice
  • Low fat microwave popcorn tossed with Parmesan cheese
  • Low fat ice cream or frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit
  • Snack size (8oz) of low fat plain or chocolate milk with whole wheat pretzels
  • Whole grain crackers,string cheese and mango slices
  • Cooked or raw vegetables with low-fat ranch dressing, and a hardboiled egg
  • Bowl of whole grain cereal and low fat milk
  • Small container of Greek yogurt
  • Substitute low-fat frozen yogurt for premium ice cream for added nutrition and fewer calories

You can find more great recipes and snack ideas at or

                                            I'm ready for a healthy snack---how about you?

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