Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dairy Water Patrol

It is a serious problem when you have thirsty dairy cattle any day but even worse on 100 plus degree days! Early this morning,while patrolling the water tanks, it was discovered that we had no water available for the dairy cows to drink in hte water tanks located in the pastures and the feed barn. After determining it wasn't an easy fix, we called for the repairman's help and  began  our  emergency no-water plan.

Water is an important nutrient year round for our dairy cows. A plentiful supply of good,clean water  is needed for milk production and proper growth and metabolism. A dairy cow will typically drink a bathtub full of water every day and that amount increases even more when the temperatures rise above 90 degrees.

Our morning was spent hauling water from a separate water system to the water tanks in the feed barn and pastures while waiting for the pump repair man to restore the system. By early afternoon, the water was flowing freely and we were feeling great relief to know that the water system had been restored and the cattle would have plenty to drink.

Water tank patrol is  part of our everyday routine in taking care of our dairy cows and providing high-quality milk for all of us to enjoy!