Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drive Easy with Dairy

No matter what age or stage of life, exercise and good nutrition are   important for good health. A few weeks ago, my sons presented me with a new Panama Jack Huffy bicycle for my birthday. It's a drive easy dream and  everything I desired--no hand gears or hand brakes,big tires for easy dirt road riding,comfortable seat, normal positioned handle bars and of course,girly looking. The drive around the dairy on my new bicycle is easy on the flat ground but I definitely need refueling when I reach the top of the hills!!

Dairy is a drive easy choice because it plays a critical role in the daily diet to  provide nine essential nutrients. One of my favorite drive easy dairy choices is chocolate milk. According to information provided by Midwest Dairy (, chocolate milk is a great choice after exercise because:
  • it is 90% water and replaces fluids to prevent dehydration
  • the carbohydrate in milk fuels muscles during exercise and refuels muscles after exercise
  • the protein in milk contains all the essential amino acids to maintain healthy muscles
  • milk provides potassium needed for normal muscle contractions and balance body fluids
  • the calcium and vitamin D found in milk promotes strong bones
  • milk contains B vitamins that help convert food to energy to fuel working muscles
While I'm not training for any races, I do hope to drive easy with dairy and  build my stamina for a bike trail ride in town with my sons by the end of the summer!

Drive Easy with Dairy!

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