Sunday, September 16, 2012

Holstein Yard Ornament

I was so excited to see the rain Saturday morning that I nearly missed the new black and white yard ornament in the iris bed just outside the patio door. When this ornament moved, it was a sure sign that it was not a concrete yard ornament!  The new baby Holstein heifer that was born late Friday afternoon had managed to get under the bottom wire of the yard fence and cuddle up in the flower bed.

Soon after being discovered, she was taxied to the calf raising  area and placed inside her own individual hutch. Before escaping to the yard,she had already received her first bottle of colostrum and will receive her mother's colostrum milk in a bottle for the next couple of days. Colostrum is needed for every calf because it contains the protective antibodies to fight disease. We monitor the quality of the colostrum with a colostrometer to make sure we are providing the best for each calf.
Freezing extra colostrum provides a supply of quality colostrum when needed for other newborn calves.

No longer a Holstein yard ornament, she is now enjoying being fed milk twice a day,individual care and   monitored for any problems. High quality milk is produced by a healthy cow and that begins with the quality colostrum and care each calf receives from the start!

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