Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whey to Go

Our dairy farm schedule doesn't permit a lot of sitting around like Miss Muffit 'eating her curds and whey' but thanks to dairy nutrition research, it is now possible to have Whey to Go!

Whey is one of the two complete high quality proteins in cow's milk that is seperated out from the casein protein during cheese making. It is used in a variety of products such as infant formulas,food supplements,sport bars, and beverages to meet the health goals for people of all ages. According to the National Dairy Council, whey protein:

  • Contains all of the essential amino acids ("building blocks") for your body needs.
  • Is one of the best sources of amino acids to help increase muscle protein.
  • Helps increase protein synthesis,which can help the body funciton properly.

Whey protein can be consumed in an energy or meal bar, a drinking beverage with whey protein or dropping a scoop of whey powder into your milk,yogurt,cereal, or smoothies. Whey powder can boost protein intake without adding excess calories to everyday foods and can also be:
  • Stirred into hot foods (not boiling) immediately after cooking
  • Used as an ingredient in baked goods
  • Added to ground meats before cooking
  • Included in savory or sweet dips
  • Stirred into hot cereal or creamy soups and sauces
  • Added to peanut or other nut butters
Whey to Go is definitely an important addition to our nutritional tools regardless of age or activity level. You can find recipes and  more information about whey protein at


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