Monday, November 12, 2012

Harvest Round-Up

This year's drought has created a severe shortage of hay and pasture grass for our dairy cows and calves. Harvesting every bit of hay available is vital to our farm.  With the weather man predicting a hard freeze and the chance of rain, we seemed to be going in every direction to complete the hay baling and crop planting last week. I knew oldest son  Cody was desperate when he asked if I could help him get the bales loaded on the trailer in the field.
 My job was to drive the tractor and trailer to each group of bales in the field so that he could load them on the trailer.
 In the olden days (that would be before I married the dairy farmer), small square bales were picked up by hand and thrown onto a truck and stacked. It was then the hay crew's job to unload them by hand and stack them in the big hay barn.  I have a great appreciation for modern machinery when I think about hauling hay by hand in 100 degree weather!

As you can see, these bales are loaded by a skid loader with a grapple and stacked on the trailer.
Once the trailer was full, the hay was taken to the feed barn for storage.
I love watching Cody unload  and stack the bales --every move is made with precision!
I was also feeling pretty proud--he smiled really big and thanked me for my help!


  1. Isn't it great to work side by side with your son? It doesn't happen in too many professions. Aren't we lucky!