Friday, December 21, 2012

Arkansas Welcomes Flat Aggie

Flat Aggie from Miss Allard's first grade class in Nicolaus, California, rode into Bentonville, Arkansas, this week  on a cold north wind after an exciting visit on a Minnesota dairy farm with dairymom Janet Bremer and her family.  I loved reading about Flat Aggie's experiences  at My Barnyard View!

Since arriving on our dairy and beef farm in Northwest Arkansas, Flat Aggie has been helping me take care of Farmer Ryan as he recuperates from major reconstructive shoulder surgery this week. It's taking both of us to do this nursing job!!

One of our  main jobs is to make sure  our patient is getting plenty of good nutrition. During the healing process from any surgery, extra protein,vitamins A and C and increased calories are needed.  Dairy foods  provide the perfect power punch needed to aid healing since dairy  contains  nine essential nutrients, including calcium,magnesium,potassium and phosphorus, in addition to 48 percent of the daily value of protein.

I'm looking forward to showing Flat Aggie around the farm and really appreciate the extra help during the holiday season!


  1. Glad Flat Aggie could help! Thanks for hosting him!

  2. Sounds like Ryan is in good hands with you and Aggie by his side. Praying for a speedy recovery for Ryan. Enjoy Aggie. We sure did!