Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dairy Cliff Notes: Dairy Makes Sense

In the last few days the talk is all about the fiscal cliff and the dairy cliff. It's hard to believe that it's possible for government regulations that effect dairy policy might  revert to 1940 laws that make no sense in today's dairy industry world. If our dairy  cows new about this--they might go on strike or demand more benefits!

Take heart--even though dairy farmers have no control over the dairy cliff--happening or not happening--you can be sure that Dairy Makes Nutritional Sense. Here are a few notes why Dairy Makes Sense:
  • Together, milk,cheese and yogurt play a critical role in the diets of adults and children by providing nine essential nutrients, including calcium,magnesium,potassium and phosphorus, in addition to 48 percent of the daily value of protein.
  • Dairy foods provide 70 percent of the calcium in the nation's food supply; milk is the top source of potassium,phosphorus,and vitamin D in the U.S. diet.
  • Dairy nutrients are vital to the development of strong bones, thus reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis.
  • Research suggest dairy foods help prevent weight gain and are beneficial for weight maintainence.
  • Minerals found in dairy foods play an important role in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Consumption of dairy foods is associated with a reduced risk of cardiometabolic syndrome, a cluster of metabolic abnormalities that increases the risk of cardiovasuclar disease and type 2 diabetes.
You can find more information about dairy nutrition,dairy farming and nutritious recipes at DairyMakesSense.

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