Friday, December 28, 2012

Flat Aggie Shares Dairy Facts

Flat Aggie, my friend from California, just loves getting his  picture made on the dairy farm and learning how we work every day to produce high-quality milk. After spending the week on our Arkansas  dairy farm, these are a few facts Flat Aggie wanted to share:
 We start the day feeding calves. These babies are fed milk and grain twice every day.
Calves grow up to become the cows that produce milk, so we  make it a priority to get them off to a healthy start.

We milk 260 Holstein cows twice every day. Milk is never touched by human hands.
Milking equipment delivers milk directly from the cows to the refrigerated tank to preserve freshness and safety.
Milk is kept cold until it is transported to the processing plant.
The  cows are fed a nutritious, balanced diet  everyday. The feed ingredients include:hay,corn silage,ground corn, and vitamins and minerals. All of the ingredients are mixed together in the big wagon and delivered to the feed barn for the cows to enjoy.
The cows enjoy eating as soon as they leave the milking barn. When finished eating, they return to the pasture to rest.

It's alot of fun to play in the snow!! 

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