Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flat Aggie's Arkansas Snow Drill

Flat Aggie and I had a snow drill on Christmas Eve to prepare for the predicted three to six inches of snow the weather man was sure would happen in Northwest Arkansas on Christmas Day. We practiced our snow and extreme cold weather  readiness all during the day on Christmas Eve. While  Santa was checking his list of gifts, we were checking our lists for  the items we might need to make sure we could care for our cows and calves in extreme winter weather   like heat bulbs for the water  well pumps, diesel for the generators  in case of power outage and extra feed for the cows and calves.
We were ready on Christmas morning! It was sooo cold and windy and looked like it could snow any minute. Flat Aggie dressed in her warm Arkansas Razorback coat and hat. We watched for the snow while we fed older   calves in the pasture  and baby calves in the hutches and as  the dairy cows were fed and milked. 
We watched all day and night but not one flake of snow on the dairy farm!
Even though we didn't have any snow,  Flat Aggie learned that we  use all our snow drill skills every day--snow or no snow-- to care for our dairy  calves and cows around the clock whatever the conditions.   


  1. Have you been affected by any snow or tornadoes since? It sounds like Arkansas has been hit hard.

  2. Central Arkansas had alot of snow and ice--somehow we missed it all!