Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ninety Years Young

As we drove into the yard by the Logan Community Building in rural Benton County this afternoon, it was obvious by the number of vehicles and the people standing in line to enter the building that it was one whale of a party for our special friend, Ava. Celebrating your 90th birthday is a very Big Deal!!

Ava is a cherished icon to many of us in the county--a retired dairy farmer,wife,mother,dedicated 4-H leader and supporter of all 4-H activities and Benton County Fair superintendent for decades. Ryan and I also have another special connection with Ava as she was a childhood friend of my grandmother and Ryan's mother. We've heard lots of stories about fun in the good old days! Ava is a perfect example of how farm families live and work in their communities for decades volunteering to make sure that the community grows and thrives.

Ava's enthusiasm for life is contagious and her family made sure that her 90th birthday would not only be a celebration but completion of an item on her bucket list--a ride on a motorcycle!

90 years young!!

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