Friday, January 18, 2013

Dairy Cow Check-ups

Thank goodness we don't have to load up all the dairy cows and haul them to the doctor's office for their routine check-ups! Cow check-ups happen once a month  when Dr. Gary France, our cow family's veterinarian, comes to the farm for what we call  "herd health" day.
As I watched the cows approach for check-ups
this morning, it was obvious that they were aware of a change in the daily routine!

On the way to the feed barn after being milked, the cows took a detour to the doctor's farm office known as the health management area. This area is a simply designed place for the cows to stand comfortably for examination and treatment when needed. After being examined for pregnancy or any health issue, the cows return to their normal everyday schedule of walking to the feed barn to enjoy their balanced diet before going back to the pasture to rest.

My job during cow check-ups is to provide information to the doctor about each cow and record all the health information from the veterinarian. Information from today's herd health exams will be entered into our computer records and used to manage the health care of each cow. Cow check-ups are an important part of our commitment to providing high-quality milk by taking good care of our cows.

                                       I'm thankful veterinarians still make dairy farm calls!

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