Sunday, January 13, 2013

Farm Bureau Style Storytelling

As I prepare to leave for Nashville,Tennessee, to attend the American Farm Bureau Convention, I am reminded of my friends who share their passion for agriculture by volunteering each year to educate children about the importance of agriculture in our everyday lives. This past year we had a great experience in downtown Bentonville sharing information about Benton County's agricultural history.

Mrs. Sears shared about the impact of electricity to rural Benton County and the impact it made on agricultural productivity.

            Mrs. Tina Crawley shared about her fifth generation Benton County  dairy farm family.

Ms. Edith Glover shared how her father decided to transition her backyard chicken flock into a booming poultry industry in Northwest Arkansas.

Apple Dan provided information and entertainment to inform how Benton County transitioned from apples to poultry,beef and dairy. 

 Volunteering brings great joy and it is an honor to be a farmer and  share the agriculture story! 

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  1. You're a winner! I mentioned you in my January 14th blog post. Check it out.