Monday, January 7, 2013

Flat Aggie Teaches Farmers

Flat Aggie hasn't been taking any spelling or vocabulary tests while visiting the farm, but I'm quite sure he has gained knowledge of both. I've also had a lesson from Flat Aggie.

 In our every day work on the farm, we farmers forget that what we are talking about may not make any sense to a non-farmer. Flat Aggie  reminded me about this when we were feeding the dry cows.

 'Dry cow'  in dairy farmer language is a cow that is pregnant and is resting in the pasture until she has her calf. She has been ' dried off' and removed from the milking herd. Explaining that the dry cow gives milk once she calves made perfect sense and answered the confusing question--how does a dry cow give milk!

It's been alot of fun showing Flat Aggie around the dairy farm to share how we work every day to care for our animals and the land to produce high-quality milk! 
Flat Aggie is leaving us to visit an Arkansas poultry farm this week.  Wonder what he'll teach the poultry farmer? 


  1. Does the poultry farmer have a blog? I'd love to continue following Aggie.

  2. Unfortunately, no blog that I know of. Ms. Allard will probably post on her blog--houseagbuilt. Thanks for sending Flat Aggie our way!