Monday, February 4, 2013

Dairy's Labor of Love

For the next few weeks, we will be observing and assisting heifers that will deliver their first calf. It's an exciting time as we watch these young heifers that we have raised from birth, give birth to their first calf and join the milking herd. No matter how many times we witness the birth of a new calf, it's always a miracle and a reminder that each animal truly represents a dairy farmer's labor of love.

On our farm, it's not unusual to have almost three years invested into caring for each heifer before she gives birth. Each phase of growth and development of the heifer requires a nutritious diet,good medical care and healthy living conditions. The investment in each animal pays off because the dairy farmer's labor of love leads to high-quality wholesome milk.

It's a fact:
A dairy farmer's labor of love provides healthy animals
 that are the foundation of a safe and abundant food supply.

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