Saturday, March 16, 2013


On my way to attend a meeting this morning  at  the Arkansas Association of Counties building in Little Rock , I drove by the Capitol. It was a beautiful morning full of sunshine and the promise of spring.  While enjoying the view, I thought about the state song we learned when in elementary school.  The song  "Arkansas" was written by Eva Ware Barnett in 1916.

Arkansas Song
I am thinking tonight of the Southland,
Of the home of my childhood days,
where I roamed through the woods and the meadows
By the mill and the brook that plays;
Where the roses are in bloom
And the sweet magnolia too,
Where the jasmine is white
And the fields are violet blue,
There a welcome awaits all her children
Who have wandered afar from home.
Arkansas,Arkansas, tis a name dear,
'Tis the place I call "home,sweet home";
Arkansas,Arkansas, I salute thee,
From thy shelter no more I'll roam.
'Tis a land full of joy and of sunshine,
Rich in pearls and in diamonds rare,
Full of hope,faith,and love for the stranger,
Who may pass 'neath her portals fair;
There the rice fields are full,
 And the cotton,corn and hay,
There the fruits of the field
Bloom in the winter months and May,
'Tis the land that I love,first of all,dear,
And to her let us all give cheer.

'Tis the place I call "home,sweet,home"!


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