Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mother-Daughter Arkansas Adventure

After attending the Arkansas Farm Bureau Women's Conference in Little Rock this weekend, Mother and I headed west for a little mother-daughter Arkansas  adventure. For the past couple of years, we had talked about going to see the daffodils at Wye Mountain. It  seemed the perfect opportunity for this pre-spring adventure   to see the daffodils in bloom.
Although Wye Mountain is only twenty-six miles from Little Rock, you quickly enjoy the rural flavor of this Arkansas  community when driving up to the small  Wye United Methodist Church surrounded by the seven acres of yellow daffodils.
We were astounded by the number of people that had come to enjoy these yellow beauties.
People were everywhere--blankets spread on the ground,children in their Easter outfits having pictures made, and couples just strolling around enjoying the day.
 Although there is no charge to visit the field, you can make a donation or spend a little money at the craft barn full of Arkansas handmade items  or purchase your favorite  food at the  concession stand. I made a contribution by purchasing a 'What's Cooking at Wye'  cookbook sold by the women of the Wye United Methodist Church.
From the cookbook I learned that the Wye Mountain Daffodil Field was created in 1948 by the generosity of  Austin and Bessie Harmon from a half bushel of leftover daffodil bulbs that were given to them by the owner of Hackett Feed Store in Little Rock in 1927. Sixty five bushels of bulbs were seperated and transplanted on the seven acres surrounding the Wye United Methodist Church  from that half bushel of bulbs planted in 1927.
Our visit to Wye Mountain was a memorable experience and
it was definintely  a perfect mother-daughter Arkansas adventure!


  1. What a fun adventure. Sounds like an outing my mom and I would enjoy!