Monday, April 29, 2013

Swine Facility Saves the Buffalo

I'm sharing this video produced by Arkansas Farm Bureau because this eighth generation family farmer states how we feel about the land. Last week his family opened a new swine facility in Newton County. The new  facility  is built to industry standards and has met all the requirements for permitting by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to protect the environment. This new facility actually should protect the Buffalo River better because of the design features to protect the environment as opposed to older swine facilities that have been operating in the area for many years.

  This Arkansas farm family is on the receiving end of a lot of criticism from the public because the farm is in the Buffalo River watershed area. It's important that truthful information is shared because it's obvious that from all the media hogwash I've seen and read,  there is alot of misunderstanding about how we farmers  work to produce safe food and protect the environment.

 No one understands the importance of caring for the land any better than a farmer. We live and work everyday on the land and desire to leave it better than we found it. It's our heritage.

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