Sunday, June 9, 2013

June Dairy Month--It's All About the Cows!

Just when you think there's not another minute to add another job  in the day on the dairy farm  during June Dairy Month , we begin a project! Quality water is essential to a dairy farm and  the good thing about our   project is   that when completed it  will protect, conserve, and recycle the water supply on our farm.  A water line from the dairy barn will provide recycled  water from the energy saving milk plate cooler  to two rubber tire water tanks in the pasture for a group of our milking cows.

Most of this project work began late in the afternoon after other chores and field work  were completed. It required a lot of coordinated  planning to be sure materials, machinery, and manpower were available.
 After installing the water lines, the work began to build the pad for the large rubber tire tanks.


After the forms were built for the cement pad and the pipe placed for the water, the tire was set.

The devil is always  in the details!

Fortunately we had a beautiful sunny
Saturday for pouring the  cement  pad under the tires.
Hopefully by the end of the week, we'll finish this project and the cows will be enjoying water from the new tanks.
Providing our cows with clean water contributes to high-quality milk.
June Dairy Month--it's all about the cows!!

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