Friday, July 26, 2013

Dairy Farmers of America Party

One of my favorite meetings to attend as a member of Dairy Farmers of America cooperative is the Summer Information Meeting held in Springfield, Missouri. As we left the farm this morning headed to the meeting,  it was drizzling rain  and overcast--perfect conditions for a farmer to leave the farm and not feel guilty about what we could be doing if it were hot and sunny!

This meeting is a mixture of fun and business with lots of children attending with their families, information booths filled with dairy farm specific information and the availability of all the milk and ice cream bars you can eat before, during and after the meeting. It's always a place of reunion with old dairy farmer friends that may or may not still be in the business.

We're proud to be one of more than 8,000 farm family members of Dairy Farmers of America Cooperative. Here are some facts about our cooperative:
  • We represent 1/3 of the total United States milk production.
  • 61 billion pounds of milk are produced annually by cooperative members.
  • We own 31 diversified  manufacturing facilities that include dairy products, food components, and ingredients.
  • High-quality milk  is produced on all sizes of farms across America.
  • We are a leader in formulating and packaging shelf stable products.
After being filled with information and  a delicious lunch , we   topped off the party  with  M&M ice cream cookies and in a glorious rainy day in July,   headed to  the Ozark Empire Fair with our complimentary tickets to continue our party.

That's my kind of farmer  party!


  1. Interesting post about Dairy Farmers of America Party. I bet this bash was superb and everyone enjoyed it. Anyway, we are also planning community dinner party at some local event space San Francisco and want to add fun games too in this bash. Could you suggest some game ideas?

  2. I'm sorry but we didn't have any games. Just alot of good ice cream treats!