Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rain Gauge Ready

Although we can't change or  predict the weather, we do like to measure the rain when we receive it on the dairy farm.  When the TV weatherman announced this morning that it's been three weeks since rain fell in Northwest Arkansas and mentioned the possibility of showers, I immediately felt it was necessary to hang up the new rain gauge just in case he's right.

 As the farmer's wife,  I've decided that  it isn't always as much the amount of rain that we see in the gauge but it's the hope and encouragement we receive  from the blessing of rain--whatever the amount.

Ryan's been no-till planting a Sorghum Sudan grass crop this week  that will be harvested (Lord willing)  late this summer or early fall. It's definitely dry and dusty but...

We're rain gauge ready!


  1. How does the rainfall (or lack of rainfall)in your area, compare to last summer?

  2. Up until this last 3 weeks we were actually caught up from last year--so now we are a little behind but in much better shape with water in the ponds and at least we have had a first cutting of hay!